Bride of the Century

bride of the century

And Lee Joon Ki is back! He’s been out of the acting seen for a while (last one was Muscle Girl and that was Japanese). I have nothing against J Drama but I like him more in Korean Dramas (I think there’s only one). Anyways, I didn’t even recognize him in a suit with dark hair, not to mention that he wasn’t smiling. It was very strange… But overall, the drama was very sweet. Not to mention that all the co stars pulled this drama off to a great start. The problem? Well, when everything is said and done, the “villain” of the story always goes from bad to worse. I like my villains to have some kind of heart. I like knowing that they hurt and get beat up like everyone else. I also like to think that they understand when to give up. Korean dramas never portray them that way. Once they lose their way, there’s this downward spiral (it is entertaining to watch though…)

Possible Spoiler Alert!

Drama Synopsis: A young woman takes the place of another in order to seal a marriage with a curse. The first wife of the first born son will die. But as the young woman begins to fall in love with her fake husband, she begins to want more than just a role in someone else’s life. As love, life, and the real fiance’s (and her mother’s – it’s always the mother’s) antics spiral out of control, it will take the strength of the couple to keep everything together.


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