Producers, you have got to give me something to work with here. You pick such great actors (which is why everyone comes to your movie) and then it sucks. Your fame lasts for all of five minutes. Is that really what you’re aiming for? Because after that, word spreads around that maybe you shouldn’t have been given such a big job to handle… As in this movie, Sabotage, you failed. Miserably. The end wasn’t completely predictable but overall, I didn’t care enough about this movie to stay, let alone recommend it to anyone else. I did make the mistake of telling my parents to see it before I had. My mom walked out too. But that was mainly for the unnecessary cursing which I was beginning to have a problem with to. I can get by if you put a few curse words here and there but everywhere? Really? Are you that dumb that you couldn’t find another vocabulary word? Or is it that it seems funny? Let me tell you something, it’s not.


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