God’s Not Dead

Way to bring it home. This is  a great encouragement to all those Christians in college faced with different trials. It doesn’t take a pastor, or super religious kid, or even a missionary to preach for what you believe in. Everyone can stand up for their own rights, beliefs, and desires. This movie goes to show how just one person can change the lives of many. It only takes one person to spread the good truth about Jesus Christ for people to know who he is and make their decision. I believe that all college students (and high school) should have a chance to watch this movie. Sure, it was a little choppy and seemed like it didn’t have a high budget. But this was one of the few movies that cared about getting a point across more than making an excellent top notch movie. After all, it was made in honor of the kids who have already been in problems like this and worse. Enjoy!

Newsboys is in it!

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