Ah, we finally made it. This movie should have been titled “Not another Twilight movie”. After all, I’ve named it as Glorified Twilight. On a scale from 1-10, Hunger Games as 10 and Twilight as 1, Divergent ranked about a 6 for me. Although it had a good idea behind it (based off a book series), it didn’t pan out. Most of the movies never do. They make a character, a world, and a plot but they don’t develop it so that I actually care about the character. Hunger Games is the same way. Although the 2nd one really brought out just who the characters were, towards the end, they all dropped back to 2D. I want to care, cry, and laugh with these characters. But most of them just make me want to watch them. I just want to find out what happens at the end but deep down inside, I already know. If you’ve read the books, you might like it. If you haven’t, you still might. As for me, they could have done so much and chose not to. I’m still waiting for that one movie that blows the book out of the water (Bourne Trilogy maybe?).

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