Bad Words

Just another one of those lame comedies. None of the trailers really showed what was going on which is why most people will probably see the movie, to see what happens. But half way in to the movie, the wit and humor and the “evil headmaster” type lady gets old. Not to mention you just really, really want to know what he’s doing. And then you find out and your realize it wasn’t worth a fortune and an hour and a half to figure that out. I’m sure you could have found a trailer or clip that would have enlightened you the same way. All the good parts really were in the trailer, ‘cept for maybe three (ones that could have been missed and would have still made the trailer enjoyable). Don’t both watching this one (however enticing it might be). Wait till it comes out on redbox but even then, it might not be worth the effort to find the time to watch it…

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