Need for Speed

Yes. Yes. Yes. Forget fast and furious. Forget the video game. Forget Aaron Paul (although his acting was done well). Forget all that for a moment. Here comes along a movie (racing as a theme). I thought it was going to suck, honestly and why not? Every other movie does. Why would this one be different? But these characters (although not thoroughly developed) made you feel for them. You wanted certain people to win or survive or pay for what they did. There was a lot of history that was packed into the first half of the movie, almost to the point of making it boring but as the movie progresses, you see just why it needs all of the extra time. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Now, if you like the game, (it doesn’t have a lot to do with it), Aaron Paul, or fast and furious (takes a completely different turn, don’t compare them), you’ll enjoy this movie even more. Take the time to go see this one.

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