He’s so cute!! And I mean like baby face cute as well as well built. Most people will know him as Jon Snow off of Game of Thrones. Enough about him. This movie was a bit of a rip off but if you don’t already know that, maybe you’re not suited to watch movies. Just saying. This movie was basically Titanic (Leo’s version) with swords. Sweet, lots of drippy romance, and then inevitable death. I think the biggest difference was that the girl didn’t survive either. Pompeii had a bit of a gladiator feel to it as well as history weaved into the scenes. The pictures of the actual frozen sculptures in time gave the movie some kind of meaning beyond the lame plot of what might have happened at that time. It was cute, rather inaccurate (as far as accent, roman times, etc goes, especially since we know the background from all the information we’ve received from Pompeii) but well worth a waste of 2 hours if you’re dying to see some romance.

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