Winter’s Tale

This movie was whack. Well it wasn’t that – no it was whack. Colin Ferrel is finally back into the movies but I don’t think he can pull of the Johnny Depp fantasy character (Finding Neverland). There wasn’t much of a plot and half the time you don’t know what decade/era you’re in or really what’s going on. The ties between the different worlds, the horse, the demon, and an appearance of Will Smith make for a very strange movie. I mean come on, Will Smith? The last movie that he was in that involved things that didn’t exist was After Earth (and that sucked, apparently. I didn’t see it). Look, it was romantic for all of 20 minutes of the movie. Go see it if you have to see it for yourself. But honestly I think the producer might have taken some hallucinogens before working on the project. It doesn’t flow nicely and leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. But hey, who am I to complain? You’ll see soon enough whether or not it makes any money and then what does my opinion matter?

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