About Last Night

Another disappointing movie. This movie was all about sex. At least the first 1.2 hours of it. I couldn’t sit through anymore. I actually walked out of this one. Compared to some of Kevin Hart’s last movies, this one didn’t cut it for me. I expected laughter, a lot of romance (V-Day weekend), and some of those scenes you just kind of bypass when you’re watching with your parents. But this movie? It was all over the place, not to mention that the characters were not deeply developed. See, it might just be me but even with a comedic movie, I want depth to my characters which is why it takes me so long to produce even a short story. But when I do, you feel like you’ve known my character all your life even if you only read about them briefly. That’s what I want. I know I’m selfish but it makes for that much better of a movie. Sure, people probably loved this movie but I’m looking for something to leave the theater with, something that I’ll keep thinking about to the point that I might want to go see it a second time. I’m just saying…

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