That Awkward Moment

It was really awkward, to the point that you’re sitting there, blushing and cheesing at the same time. The three main actors put on a pretty good performance despite the shallowness of their characters. Overall, the movie was cute and definitely something worth seeing. HOLD UP! Before you pack up your bags and decide that you need to head over an watch one of these hot young men, you need to be aware of a few things. Things that I seemed to have skipped over when I decided this movie was going to be the bomb.

  1. It’s rated R. I had no idea, probably due to how desensitized I’ve been compared to other rated movies. Don’t think it’s okay to bring in the young 14-16 year olds because they want to see Zac, Miles, or Michael (actor names)
  2. Although it’s cute, its not a “hey I’m bored, let’s go see a movie” movie. No, it’s more of a chick flick that man would bring his date to or a girls’ night out kind of a movie. It’s extremely awkward at parts (in good and bad ways) and unless you’ve gone with someone you’re comfortable with, the drive home will be very… well, awkward.
  3. DO NOT choose this movie if its competing with something else (ie Ride Along, Labor Day, Jack Ryan, Gimme Shelter, etc). You’ll either be really disappointed or you’ll wonder if you could have had a better time watching the other movie (you might be satisfied with this movie but I don’t know).

Go watch it – if you have nothing else to do and there’s no other movies you want to watch. But hey, you never know, you might like this movie a whole lot more than I did.

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