Labor Day

I didn’t really like in old boy and although this movie was a different genre, he still wasn’t all that amazing. I’ll give it him that he’s a pretty good actor but I swear I’ve seen this story line somewhere else. I knew what was going to happen (there were minor details that surprised me). It was perfectly cut story straight out of a book but I can’t figure out where I’ve seen it before. That’s not even the point. It was strange (she fell in love after a few days, enough to run away together. Sure she was depressed but even the kid agreed to it). Watch this one if you must (if you like the main actors) or just want to adventure into something a little different. The actors did what they could with what they were given, which wasn’t much.


Wanna know the story? Here it goes. Fugitive, who accidentally committed his crimes, stows himself away in a woman’s house. He’s not the bad man everyone thinks he is. There, he grows close to her and her son as a father figure. But their fairytale secret proves too good to be true when the police find out his whereabouts. 20 years later, he returns to the family. Yea!

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