Dallas Buyers Club

Is it even healthy to lose that much weight? Both of the lead actors definitely put in a lot to produce this movie. We’ll see if it pays off later. On to the review! Should you spend your money on this movie? No. Should you attempt to decide whether or not to see this movie or something else? No. All in all, it was a great idea to publicize some of the inner workings of the AIDS community and how they survive. But this movie was a drag. Remember that these reviews are my take on movies only. It was too long and really really boring. I like movies that describe historical events (this movie was based on true events) but this movie didn’t do it for me. The acting was superb but halfway into the movie, it seemed routine (like it had to reach 2 hours…) All in all, good idea. Wait for it on DVD so you can waste your time for $1. Or… read up on it somewhere on the internet. Yea, that’s right. Try reading for a change:)

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